Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are there any other fees in addition to tuition?

The only other related costs are performance tickets and shoes if needed. The costume costs are included in the tuition fee. We do limited fund raising and encourage you to support the program by participating in our fund raising activities, including purchasing and selling program ads.  


2. Why do families have to purchase performance tickets in addition to paying tuition?

Again, tuition fees cover only about 50% of the total production costs. We count on ticket sale revenue and other fundraising to cover the additional costs. We would not be able to pay for the performance space, lighting, sound, performance rights, etc. if we did not charge for tickets.


3. Does my child have to attend every rehearsal? 

yes ... all cast members are expected to attend all rehearsals.  The only excused absence is for illness. Our goal is to run the most efficient rehearsals possible. We rehearse on Sunday afternoon and evenings and the majority of the cast will only rehease once a week. Leads will rehearse twice a week.



4.  If I’m paying tuition, why do I have to volunteer my time?

As a cooperative theater we rely on parent volunteers for almost every aspect of the production. This includes costumes, set, props, program, house, ticket sales, backstage management, etc. Without volunteers to fulfill these roles tuition would be much higher.   



5. What if I don’t have time to volunteer?

Volunteer roles vary in terms of time commitment. There are many volunteer roles that you can do on your own time at home and some are as simple as handing out programs, distributing performance tickets or ushering or working the concession stand at the performances. Volunteering for a theatrical performance is fun and rewarding!


6. What are the behavior expectations for my child?

We expect each child to behave appropriately and respectfully. Our behavior guidelines are the same as those for the classroom. This includes listening to the adults in charge, treating peers with kindness and respect and having a positive attitude.


We will review these behavior guidelines with the children at the start of the rehearsal process so that the expectations are clear. The children will also sign a Performer’s Agreement that outlines behavior expectations.


7. How will parents receive communication about rehearsals, performances, etc.

E-mail is the sole source of communication, so you’ll need to provide an e-mail address that you check daily. While we try to stick with a preset rehearsal schedule, occasionally we’ll need to make minor adjustments to the schedule.   


8. How are roles assigned?

In our winter musical (grades 3-5) fifth graders are eligible to audition for a lead role. Audition information will be forwarded shortly after registration ends. Cast members in grades 3 and 4 will be assigned ensemble roles in the winter musical where they will learn acting and singing technique to prepare them for a future lead role.

In our Spring musical (grades 3-9) any cast member, regardless of age, can audition for a lead role.